How To Get Street Named After You In Lagos

If you dream of having a street in Lagos state named after you, this is for you. Street naming is handled by local government offices in the state. Below are the requirements 1)Photocopy of Land Receipt 2)Photocopy of Certificate of Occupancy 3)Photocopy of Survey Plan 4)Original Letter from Baale in Council/Land Owners/Letter of Allocation 5)Photocopy of current tax clearance 6)2 Passport Photographs 7)Application Letter to…

Drone Survey in Lagos

Drone surveys are good for capturing aerial views of properties and construction sites. The difference between a Drone Survey and Drone Photography is that in a Drone Survey, the dimensions of all the features on the photographs are to scale and correct. This means you can measure the length, area and volumes of features in the photographs.They are not just photographs.