Revolution Plus Realtors Conference
Revolution Plus Realtors Conference 2020

1. In Lagos, no place is “too far” to invest in land.

From my experience, I know this is very true. I have driven to Ikorodu from Ajah in less than 1hr 20mins on a Sunday morning. Recently, it took me less than an hour to drive from Ajah to Ode Omi, Ibeju-Lekki. Ode-omi is after Dangote Refinery and Lacampagne Tropicana Beach Resort. It borders Ogun state. If the road is free, no place is far in Lagos.

2. Almost every good location was once a bad location.

I remember visiting my elder sister in Lekki about 11 years ago. The road was so bad. It had just rained and there was water everywhere. In addition, the traffic was terrible. I remember asking myself “why in the world will he (my sister’s husband) get a house in this place?” It was not a wise question. I was young.

3. Real estate is the only investment that continues to increase in value whether you do anything or not

4. Real estate is one of the best wealth retention vehicles

5. Land has a tripartite value. The land, what is on top of it and underneath it are all valuable.

6. The value of real estate will continue to increase because the size of the earth is fixed. If you fill one portion with sand, the water goes somewhere else. It does not disappear.

7. A city today was a village yesterday.

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