Recently, I have been getting enquires about backdated survey plans and I don’t understand why. People call to find out about the cost of survey and after I tell them the cost, the next question is, “how much for the backdated one?”.

If you are negotiating with a surveyor and he says there are two types of survey; current survey and backdated survey please hang up and do not bother talking with him/her again because you will be scammed. You will be told the backdated survey is cheaper than the current survey but it is a scam because the so-called backdated survey will not be registered. A lot of people fall for this scam in their quest for the cheapest service they can find.

The date on the survey plan should the date the survey was carried out or a date after the survey. If you hire a surveyor to carry out a survey of your property in 2020 and when receive your survey plan the date on it is 2015, you should know there is a problem. The survey plan was backdated. Please reject it and ask for a survey plan with current date.

There is nothing like Backdated Survey Plan. The backdating of survey plans is wrong. Why would you do something in 2020 and say you did it in 2015? Backdating forces you to falsify the information on your other property documents because if your survey plan carries a date in 2015, why is the date on your receipt or agreement 2020? So, your surveyor entered another person’s property to survey it 5 years ago and you bought it five years after?

Reject backdated survey plans.