My dear professional colleagues, I am sure you are all very familiar with phone calls that begin like this:

Hello Surveyor, please how much for Registered Survey for a plot of land at Ibeju-Lekki?

Hello Engineer, please how much for raft foundation for half plot at Abijo?

Hello Barrister, please how much for deed of assignment for 2 plots at Okota?

Hello Architect, please how much for drawing for 4 bedroom duplex?

Making enquiries about the cost of a service you need is a very good thing. It gives you an idea of how much it should cost. But I have a problem with people who just want the cheapest price. These people don’t care about the quality of your service. There is nothing you can tell them that will convince them. Some will say, “Ah, I really like how you have explained it to me, but someone else offered to do it at a lesser amount”. Others will say, “Okay. I will get back to you. Thank you.” They won’t even bother to understand your service offering or negotiate with you because someone else had already offered them a cheaper price.

These people are the ones who get into trouble very often. They make easily avoidable mistakes and spend more money in the end because in their quest for cheapest price, they are blinded to the more important things like competency, quality of service, reliability, professionalism & value for money.

I have learned from experience not to bother about these people because no matter how much you reduce your price, there is always someone, somewhere, who is willing to charge lesser. Even Joe Girard – the greatest salesman in the world – someone who sold thousands of cars and in his prime sold almost 1500 cars in one year, confessed in his book (How to Sell Anything to Anyone) that no matter how hard he tried, he could not close every deal that came his way!