The importance of Charting in Lagos cannot be overemphazied. Charting is the first thing you do when you want to acquire land. It is done through your Surveyor in Lagos. It is basically the process of knowing the acquisition status of the land. This process is very important especially in Lagos. This is necessary because by law all land belongs to the government. However some lands have been ‘relinquished’ by the government and are available for immediate survey and one-time purchase. It is therefore VERY IMPORTANT to avoid buying government land.

In Lagos land acquisition falls into 3 main categories

Free from Acquisition
Government Acquisition
Lands that are Free from Acquisition can be surveyed directly and acquired on a one-off basis.

Lands that are under Government Acquisition have to be regularized. This means that the purchaser of the land has to pay the government money for the land. This is tantamount to saying he pays twice for the same land.

A Committed land is a land that has been reserved by the government for special purposes. They are NOT FOR SALE.

Regardless of the level of development in an area you still need to do your own investigation. Don’t be convinced by the presence of buildings in the area. Again, do your own investigation to avoid spending more money than necessary or eventual demolition of your property by the government