It is important to buy properties that have an existing title or at least properties for which you can obtain title easily. Lands with title are usually more expensive than those without title and that’s why you will see a land in Ibeju-Lekki selling for N1.2m/plot and another land less than 500 meters away from it is selling for N7m/plot. The difference is because of the title and in some cases, the level of development.

The title of a property is a big selling point and hence it is always mentioned when a property is advertised. But when buying a property that has a title that covers a large area, it is very important to know if the actual parcel being sold to you falls within that title.

A lot of people use an existing title in an area to sell their own property even though theirs does not fall within the titled land. For example, Ogombo has a big village excision title, but not all the lands in Ogombo are within it. But almost everyone that has a property for sale in Ogombo will tell you their land is within Ogombo Village Excision.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the property you want buy falls COMPLETELY within the area with the title before you pay. Your Surveyor will help you out with this.