In recent times we have been contacted by some of our clients who are in the process of purchasing land from real estate companies to help them verify the excision number of the land they intend to buy.
Most times these real estate companies in Lagos don’t have an approved excision for their land yet so what they have is an Excision File Number NOT a Gazette Number.

An Excision File Number is the identification number(ID) of the file that contains the documents that are being used to process the excision. An example of an excision file number is KL 9408.
A Gazette Number is the number of the published notice(gazette) which shows details of the lands that have been excised. A gazette is published by the government AFTER a land has been excised. For example , the gazette number of a parcel of land in Ogogoro Village in Ibeju-Lekki is :Ogogoro Village Gazette no. 29 Vol. 42 18th June 2009.

In other words, if the land you want to buy has an excision file number, it means it has NOT been excised by the government yet and DOES NOT have a gazette.

Eputu Gazette
Eleputu Village Excision Gazette
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