When buying land from a family(Omonile), please ensure you request for the layout survey of their land. A layout survey is a survey that shows the division of a parcel of land into plots, roads, amenities etc. This is very important. Let them show you the exact plot they are allocating to you on the layout survey. Then make sure it corresponds to the plot they show you on ground. Make a photocopy of the layout and keep it.

Ideally, every plot on the layout should have a plot number. If the plot has a number, make sure it is written on the agreement you sign with them.

A lot of Omoniles dance to the tune of the highest bidder. If someone who has more money than you loves the location of

your land, they will sell it to the person at a very good price and give you flimsy reasons why they have to relocate your plot.

One of the most commonly used excuses is that a road is supposed to pass beside your land and they need to relocate or shift it to make way for the road. If there is no layout, you won’t know if they are telling the truth or not.

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