Buying land in Lagos can be tricky. It is very important to involve someone very knowledgeable. Consult your registered land surveyor and your lawyer before buying land. They are the two most important professionals you will need at the beginning.

The surveyor will check if your land is situated in a location that confirms with physical planning rules (e.g. not too close to high tension) and he will also ensure you don’t buy a land that is under government acquisition or committed by the government for a future purpose. And the lawyer will help you investigate the root of ownership and title of the land. Please note that they are two different professionals. Don’t ask a lawyer to do surveyor’s job and don’t ask a surveyor to do the job of a lawyer. This is very important.

Asking for their professional advice is always far cheaper than making a mistake. Is it wise to have a budget of N5m for land and not be willing to pay a surveyor and lawyer few thousands to help greatly minimize your chances of making a bad investment decision?

Use wisdom.

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