Drone Survey
Drone Survey for Real Estate Marketing

Simply put, an aerial image is an image/photo taken from an elevated/above ground position.
In the past, such aerial photos could only be obtained by the use of expensive methods (helicopters or aircrafts). Only a few big companies could afford to acquire aerial photos as costs were quite expensive for most real estate professionals.
However, drones have made it very affordable and easier to capture aerial photos
A drone is a cost-saving and wonderful tool which can be used to capture breathtaking images/photos for real estate marketing.


  1. It’s been proven that using aerial photos to show off a property ultimately sells it faster.
  2. Aerial photos are the best way to show the surroundings as well as the proximity to amenities and the entire neighborhood.
  3. Allows to show and market the property from a unique perspective
  4. It helps to show all angles of the property, including its layout, unique features, and property line.
  5. Aerial photos are also very useful in showing a large parcel of land that is for sale or open to potential development by investors.
  6. Aerial photos add another level of marketing potential that ground real estate photos (even high quality and professional ones) simply cannot provide.
  7. Aerial photos also allow developers to monitor the progress of a project as it is being brought to fruition.
  8. Aerial photos help property developers become aware of the surrounding landscape and factors such as roads and other buildings that would influence their plans.
  9. Unlike normal photos, you can measure distances, angles and areas of properties on aerial images
  10. Drones help to capture aerial photos of areas/places that are inaccessible or prone to danger

Boost your property marketing with aerial photos today!!

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