1)You don’t need a red seal on your survey plan for it to be genuine. It doesn’t add any form of authenticity to it and it is NOT a requirement in Lagos and Ogun state. Anyone who says you need it is not telling you the truth

2)Whether your land is under government acquisition or not your survey must be carried out by a practicing registered surveyor and it will carry his own name, stamp, seal, and signature.

3) Your survey plan is NOT proof that the survey of your land has been registered. Your surveyor is supposed to give you at least one other document signed and stamped by the Office of the Surveyor General.

4) The fact that a survey plan was used to obtain a governor’s consent or C of O title from the government does not always mean that it is correct. If you are buying a land with title, please check the survey plan first.

5)In Lagos state, if you buy land that is under government acquisition before consulting your surveyor, your surveyors will prepare a registered survey plan but due to some constraints, the surveyor may not be able to lodge the record copy immediately.