Any property that does not have a title in Eti-Osa and Ibeju-Lekki axis is technically under government acquisition. It is for this reason that you will find out that most property developers always insist on buying land that has an existing title. If the existing title is a gazetter or C of O, they then go ahead to process and obtain a Governor’s Consent title before putting their properties on the market. Governor’s Consent is a good title and so when a buyer wants to purchase a property and he is told that the property has a governor’s consent title, he is happy and satisfied that he is buying a property with a good title. Those with real estate experience will take it a step further and try to confirm if the title is genuine. For this task, they usually hire a lawyer.

Most lawyers will take the consent document from the seller to Alausa to verify. Once they can verify that the consent is genuine, they will advise the client to go ahead and buy. But this kind of verification is only partial. It is important to verify the survey plan in the consent as well. We have found out from experience, that in some cases the survey plan used to obtain the consent may not actually cover the property the buyer is interested in. Therefore, technically, the property has no title.

It is not enough to verify that a governor’s consent is genuine. You must also verify that the property completely falls within the survey plan in the consent document.