A lot of times when we receive calls from potential clients, the only question they ask is “How much for Registered Survey in….?”.

It is understandable that, considering the cost of survey in Lagos and Ogun, most of them want to know how much a Registered Survey will cost but the truth is it is not the most important question. The important question they should ask is “Surveyor, how do I get a registered survey for my land?” And the reason is that NOT all lands can be registered. If your land falls under an unregularizable/unratifiable government acquisition or within a government committed area, it cannot be registered.

Ideally, you are supposed to check the status of your land before purchase. This will let you know if you can do a registered survey or not and you would also know if you can get a genuine land title from the government. With this information, you can decide if you should purchase the land or not.
Don’t ask about the cost of a registered survey first; ask about the status of your land.

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