If you have been saving money for a while for property acquisition, keep saving your money until you have at least 60% of the cost of the type of property you want. 60% is reasonable.  With this amount, you open yourself up to three options for acquiring the property.

  1. Mortgage
  2. Distress Sale
  3. Off-Plan Sales

For Mortgage, with 30% payment you can access some mortgages. It goods to have more than 30% though so you can pay for other documentation and meet easily make your first repayments.

Distress sale is not common but it arises when a seller needs to sell his/her property urgently to raise money for an urgent matter. It is one of the best ways to acquire a property at a low cost. Some properties can go for as low as 50% of the real value.

Off-Plan sales are made available by real estate companies for people who are willing to key-in to a real estate project even before its completion. They get a generous discount in exchange for their faith in the real estate company.

The key thing is to have some savings so that you can be ready when opportunity comes.