One of the checks you need to do before buying a property is Survey Plan Check. It is important to ensure the survey plan of the seller is in agreement with the property he wants to sell to you.

If you buy a property that has an existing C of O or Governor’s Consent title and the survey plan is not correct, you will not be able to get your own title from the government until that survey plan has been corrected. If you don’t detect the survey plan is faulty before the conclusion of the transaction, it becomes a problem for you because in most cases the seller will not be willing to pay for the correction of the survey plan after he has been paid for the property.  In fact, I have never seen a case where the seller was willing to pay for the correction of his survey plan. Correction of the survey plan will also require a Deed of Rectification in order to effect the correction on the title documents and this process takes time and money.  

It is in your own best interest to confirm that the seller’s survey plan is correct before making full payment. If it is not correct, you can both agree on how to share the expenses to make the correction before you conclude the transaction.