It is quite easy to verify if the C of O (Certificate of Occupancy) of a land in Lagos state is genuine or not. You can do this by taking a copy of the C of O or only the C of O number to the land registry at Alausa.

There are 3 categories of verification

1 You can verify if the C of O is in their database. They will search their database with the C of O number you present and if it’s there, you will see it on the system. The process takes only a few minutes. This service costs N3750 (Three thousand seven hundred and fifty naira).

2 If the C of O is in their database, and you want to be sure that the C of O you have and the one on their system are the same, you can ask them to print it out for you. This service costs N5625 (Five thousand six hundred and twenty five naira).

3 If you want to see the original copy of the C of O that was uploaded into their database, they can retrieve it for you but it can take a few days. This service costs N50, 000(Fifty thousand naira)

All payments can be made there at the registry but they don’t accept cash.