Land Regularization (also known as Ratification) is carried out when an individual or corporate entity acquires land that belongs to the government. However, not all government lands can be regularized. Any land that will be regularized must not fall within a government committed area and it must confirm to the state’s urban planning regulations.

Regularization entails buying the land “properly” from the government. It is an expensive process because after buying the land from the “omonile” (seller) you still have to pay the government for the land again.

After regularization, the government releases the land and issues a certificate of occupancy (C of O) to the applicant.

In order to avoid buying government land and spending far more money than necessary it is highly recommended that the status of the land is known before purchase. The process of knowing the status of a land is called Charting. Charting is a very important process in land matters and it is carried out by Registered Land Surveyors.

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