Recently, we had a few people who acquired their land directly from omonile (family land owners) and this tricks list was created as a result of their “unnecessary” challenges.

  1. They tell you to ask your surveyor to carve out your land

Don’t do this. Ensure they use their own surveyor to carve out the land for you after which your surveyor will confirm the area and carry out your own survey. If your surveyor carves out the land himself, tomorrow they will tell you he didn’t do it well and give you reasons why they have to adjust your land or move you somewhere else.

2 They point to a parcel of land not far from the land they want to sell to you and say it’s one big cooperate body that bought it from them so their land is genuine.

Don’t base your decision to buy based on remarks such as this. Do your own investigation for the portion of land you want to buy.

3 They sell to you and later someone else comes and says he’s a part of the family and knows nothing about the transaction.

Always ensure that the family/seller confirms in your deed that there is no other brother/sister somewhere else that should be a party to the transaction and is not currently available. Always ensure that every party to the transaction signs the deeds.