Recently, we had a few people who acquired their land directly from “omonile” (family land owners) and this is the second part of the tricks list which was created as a result of their “unnecessary” challenges.

1 They try to sell you land outside the area that has a good title(C of O, Excision, Governors Consent etc.)
You must ensure the land they are selling to you is within the area that has a good title because usually after a family has sold off all their lands with good title, they will start selling the adjoining/surrounding lands that have no title so you need to know the status of the parcel of land they want to sell to you. Lands with title are not sold at the same cost as the ones without title so you need to be careful and check before making any final commitment.

2 They try to sell you land less than the area you paid for.
You must ensure your own surveyor checks the size of the land they carve out for you before you make full payment. And always make sure their surveyor carves out the land.

3 They tell you that they have been talking with someone for a while and he is ready to pay anytime now but it is “first come, first serve” so you should pay quickly and secure the land.
This is almost always a lie. Don’t let anyone put you under pressure to pay until you have done all the necessary checks. In addition, insist on making part payment first because sometimes unexpected things come up after money has changed hands.