A Registered Surveyor in Nigeria is licensed to practice anywhere within the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
As at today, there are over 400 Registered and Practicing Surveyors in Lagos. Some surveyors are registered but they are not private practitioners. Some non-practicing surveyors work for private organizations as their in-house surveyor, some work for the state and federal government and the rest work outside the core survey field.
If you are speaking with a surveyor and you want to verify if the surveyor is genuinely registered, please visit the office the of the Nigeria Institution of Surveyors(NIS), Lagos State. The NIS office is at Block H, Plot B,Assbifi Road(Opposite Ikeja City Mall) Alausa, Ikeja.

P.S: Some people erroneously believe that because a surveyor works for the government, he is the best person to survey their land. They don’t know that government surveyors are in-charge of surveying government lands NOT land owned by individuals or private entities. They don’t know that only registered surveyors who are members of Nigeria Institution of Surveyors and the Association of Private Practicing Surveyors are capable of registering a land/property survey. If you visit the office of the Nigeria Institution of Surveyors, you will not find the names of government surveyors in the list of the practicing surveyors.