Property verification in Lagos can be unnecessarily difficult. We are in 2020, and we still have to go to Alausa to do verification. By now there should be an online platform where people can visit to verify any property they are interested in. It doesn’t have to be free. People can pay a token to access the property database and from my experience, I know there are a lot of people who are willing to pay. We should not have to go to Alausa to verify title documents, survey plans or property coordinates in 2020!

One of the enquiries we get a lot is from people who just want to verify that their survey plan has been duly registered. This should not be a big deal but today it is. This is a simple problem that the government can easily solve and charge people a token for. All they need to do is create an Online Survey Plan Checker. It will be a simple web application that is powered by a database that has been populated with all existing registered survey plans and it will be updated every day as new survey plans are registered. It will have a search tool that allows people to search for a survey plan using the plan number or the name on the survey.

There are so many people that will benefit from a tool like this e.g. surveyors, individuals, lawyers, physical planning office, real estate professionals, etc. In addition, it will reduce traffic in Lagos a bit since there will be no need to go to Alausa for verification.