A survey plan has many uses but one very important but often overlooked one is boundary reestablishment.

Boundary reestablishment is the process used by surveyors to reestablish a property boundary that has been destroyed or forgotten. A boundary can be destroyed through natural and man-made events. However, boundaries destroyed by natural events are quite rare in Lagos because natural disasters are not common. Boundary reestablishments we have done have mainly been for clients whose boundary beacons were destroyed by man-made events and clients with large parcels of inherited family land who do not know the exact boundary points of their land but have an old survey plan which we used to reestablish their boundary.

Whenever there is an event that leads to the destruction of the property boundaries of two adjacent properties, in most cases the only way to peacefully, and correctly reestablish the property boundary of each one will be by the use of their survey plans. Survey plans show the dimensions (distances and bearings) and coordinates of land and without these details, it is very difficult – and in some cases – impossible to reestablish a destroyed property boundary to its original state. This is why it is always important to have a survey plan prepared for your property. You will never know when you will need it.

The cost of obtaining a registered survey plan for your property in Lagos is not cheap. However, it is cheaper than the consequences of not having one when the need for it arises.