Lands for Sale

These days a lot of people are into some form of real estate business. In the past 5 years, thousands of Nigerians have become real estate marketers. That’s not a problem. It’s actually a very good thing because real estate marketing is a good source of income and besides, in Nigeria, we have a massive housing deficit. The problem is that recently, unscrupulous elements are popping up from every corner claiming to be real estate companies and recruiting people to market their “properties”.

Real estate marketer, you don’t have to market every land that is advertised. Get enough information about the land and the company selling it and do your investigation before you decide whether you are going to market the land or not .You need to be informed! Some real estate companies are using uninformed marketers to sell lands that have not been properly acquired and lands that should not even be on the market at all. They advertise a land to you and you start marketing it to your contacts –friends, family, colleagues etc. without doing any due diligence on the real estate company and the land itself. You need to be careful because a lot of companies out there are only interested in making money. They don’t care about the people that patronize their business. They don’t care about the people who give them their life savings in exchange for a parcel of land.

Some of them don’t even intend to last long. They don’t have any long term plan. They just register a business name, “acquire” a parcel of land from a family (omonile), sell to people, make money and disappear without doing physical plot by plot allocation. When you buy, they will take you to the site and show you the big expanse of land. They will show you where it starts and where it stops but they won’t allocate any plot to you on ground. In the last three months, I have spoken to at least two people who bought land from real estate companies less than 3 years ago and these companies don’t exist anymore.

Real estate marketer, your customers trust you with their hard-earned money. Try your best. Don’t let them down. Know the land you are selling and the company you are selling for.

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