Too many enquiries about red copy these days from people who want to survey their property. There is nothing like red copy. There is no red document anywhere in Alausa! Red copy is simply the short form of Record Copy. Record copy is simply a record of the survey plan which is lodged at the office of the Surveyor General of the state.

In Lagos state, when you hire a surveyor to do a registered survey of your property, you will get at least two documents from him/her namely:

  1. Survey Plan
  2. Evidence of Lodgment of Record Copy

The record copy is what a lot of people have come to refer to as red copy over the years. The record copy is NOT for the client, it is for the government. After carrying out the survey, the surveyor will give his client the survey plan first. Then he will submit the record copy of that survey plan and a letter to the government. During the processing of the record copy, it will be taken to several offices for processing and it will end up at the records department. After it is checked at the records office, it will be retained but the letter will be stamped by the records department and returned to the surveyor. This stamped letter is then referred to as the “Evidence of Lodgment of Record Copy”. It signifies that the land has been duly registered and it is what the client gets NOT the record copy.