Right of Way and Setback knowledge are important to avoid building illegal structures (structures that don’t conform with urban planning rules) .

According to the Ministry of Physical Planning website, a setback is the distance to be observed between the building line and property boundary, water bodies, right of ways of infrastructure facilities and utilities.

Below are the setbacks for the different right of ways.

i. Federal High way – 90m right of way 45 m from the centre to the property line.

ii. State High way-60 m Right of way 30 m from the centre to the property line.

iii. Local Road (State) -24m, 18m,15m,12m (12m, 9m, 7.5m, 6m right of ways respectively from the centre to the property line as applicable)

iv. Building line of property and the outer edge of NNPC oil pipeline – 15m

Required Setback from Different Water Bodies

Ocean / sea – 150m

Lagoon – 50m

River – 15m

Seasonal – 15m

Gorges (New and Built-up areas) – 10m

Distance to Rail Line

Railway line – 21m

Unmanned railway crossing – 60m.

Required Setback from Different Power Lines

132KV Powerline – 15m

330KV Powerline – 25m

11/33KV – 5.5m

It is your duty to ensure that you leave the proper setback for your property. Ask your surveyor to leave the correct setback when measuring and marking out your land. It may lead to your land not being the size you paid for but you will rest assured your property is out of the governments right of way and safe from future demolition.

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