Over the years, the internet has virtually changed the way we interact and do our business. It has opened up tremendous ways we can dig up information and meet new business partners, but one of the things it can never replace is the value and place of face-to-face interaction. While it is important to note that the internet makes connecting with people easier, some or many of these connections never make it beyond the virtual world. More so, many business connections are better solidified during face-to-face connections, especially during professional conferences, that is why as a surveyor you can never know the benefits of attending the Annual General Meeting (AGM) or other professional conferences except if you attend one. Conferences of this kind bring together a myriad of professionals to discuss and share information that borders the profession. It also goes way beyond sharing information to establishing new contacts for your business, building business partners to collaborate with, maintaining old contacts, and exploring business opportunities. They also help you reinvigorate your business plan.

As a surveyor, attending conferences like AGM has really benefited me a lot. At the last AGM in Ekiti state which was organized by the Nigerian Institute of Surveyors tagged ‘‘Mapping Policies, Strategies and Spatial Infrastructure for Sustainable E-Governance in Nigeria” the conference witnessed a network of professionals who shared their knowledge on how surveyors can through mapping help the economic growth of the country. The AGM also featured an exhibition of equipment that enabled surveyors to connect with instrument experts and learn more about the current trend in equipment and equipment innovations. Another good thing about attending the surveyor’s annual general conference is that you also get a certificate, which boosts your professional career.

As an exhibitor at the last AGM, it enabled me to connect with my competitors and share ideas on business strategy, marketing, and how to retain customers while connecting with new ones.  It also enabled us as exhibitors to conduct market research, hear from our customers about their experiences with our equipment, learn about their challenges and proffer solutions.