Land titles in Nigeria are said to confer ownership and protect the rights of the owners of a property. With the title, one is not expected to have issues of a dispute over that property. However, disputes still arise – especially in Lagos. A closer observation of the root cause of some of these disputes indicates that while the actual land title may be firmly conveyed in a deed, questions about the exact boundary line may spring up due to an inadequate description of the land which may eventually result in a dispute. Some disputes also arise because of inaccurate legal representations or unclear conditions and restrictions on the land. This relates to disputes that arise as a result of the rights that others have over your lands like Right of Way and Easement.  

In settling a land dispute, a land surveyor will be required to survey the land to establish or re-establish the actual boundary location of the parcel. This survey should also reveal the legal restrictions and conditions placed on the land like Right of Way, Easement, and other conditions as the case may be. It will also reveal field evidence of property markers for the land in question and the adjoining property showing any disparities that may exist in property lines.

Furthermore, disputes may also arise when another person claims ownership of your parcel of land, questioning the authenticity of your land title document. This kind of dispute can be avoided by engaging the services of a registered surveyor who will not only survey your land but also record it with the government of the state. 

When settling a land dispute, a surveyor may be required to carry out some surveys like boundary surveys or detailed surveys depending on the nature of the dispute.  

Land disputes can occur at any level. It can occur between communities, between government and individuals, or between landowners. Whichever level it occurs, a registered land surveyor will always be required in settling the land dispute. And when the matter escalates to the court level, a registered land surveyor would still be required to explain his survey and act as an “expert witness” in court. 

In summary, Land Surveyors are trained professionals who are licensed by the government to measure plots of land and record them to define boundaries, settle property line disputes, and create maps. 

Furthermore, the need to carry out a registered survey of any property can never be overemphasised. Many landowners in Lagos often neglect the need for a registered survey and only see the necessity when disputes arise. A survey plan is vital in any landed property transaction in Nigeria. It reveals the ownership status of the property, the description of the property, the location, the beacon numbers, and the physical features. It also indicates if that property is under any government acquisition.  

At OTIC Surveys, we not only survey your property but also help you record your survey at the office of the Surveyor General of Lagos state. Feel free to reach out to us today.