A Professional Land Surveyor renders a highly technical service in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, codes and court decisions set forth by the Surveyors Council of Nigeria (SURCON).

Because of the special skills and complexities involved in surveying land, the government of Nigeria via its various agencies limits the practice to only those surveyors duly registered by the Surveyors Council of Nigeria (SURCON).

In order to protect the public from inferior land surveying, there are Minimum Standards for all types of Land Surveys. These standards describe recommended procedures for a survey and the minimum information to be provided to the client.

In choosing a Land Surveyor please follow these TIPS!

Consider the qualifications of a Professional Land Surveyor. He is supposed to display his Registration Certificate in his office, please look out for it. Ensure that the Surveyor will be capable of meeting the requirements of the proposed survey.

In selecting a professional Land Surveyor check to make sure that on the plans he submits to you are his name, SURCON registration number, address, current date, live signature and seal. There is no reasonable reason that can be given for there to be any change.

Insist on doing business in his office. This way you know where to find him should you need him again in future. When in doubt or not satisfied contact the Surveyors Council of Nigeria or Nigerian Institution of Surveyors.

Remember, the survey plan of your property is one of the most important documents you will need regarding your property. It shows and confirms your ownership over the land. Make sure that it is made to the highest standards.

Remember It Pays To Use A Professional & Qualified Land Surveyor. It’s in your best interest.

To verify a Surveyor is registered, send an email to Surveyors Council of Nigeria at surconmails@yahoo.com or to Nigerian Institution of Surveyors at info@nisngr.com

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