So many lands in Lagos state are under government acquisition or committed. Now and again we read reports about the housing deficit in Lagos state. Some reports claim we need about 1 -3 million housing units to solve the housing shortage problem. In spite of this, the government keeps holding on to a lot of lands. For example, a large chunk of Ibeju-Lekki is either under government acquisition or committed.
If you buy a committed land, you can’t perfect your title which means the land still practically belongs to the government and you will receive no compensation whenever it decides to use the land.

If you buy a land under government acquisition and you are lucky, you will be able to do Ratification and get a good title. However, in most cases, you cannot.

How are we ever going to solve the housing deficit problem when people can’t buy land and build freely? Buyer confidence is low in the land market. The government has to release these lands so people can buy and build freely.

Finding genuine lands to buy in Lagos is becoming too stressful and frustrating.

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