Topographic Survey

Topographic Surveys are carried out to map out the natural and man-made features on a land and to determine the undulation. The topographic map made of contours, spot heights and DTM is usually produced at the end. It is required by engineers for planning purposes. For any engineering project topographic survey is a must.
There are many uses for a topographic land survey.

Engineers and architects can use the survey results for designing buildings and other improvements. In some cases, they are also used by the Government. Most of the construction projects typically begin with a topographic survey as it provides the framework of the land before improvements are made. Sometimes, a topographical survey is used for the formulation of an optimal plan for drainage ditches, grading and other features. Thus, the results of the topographical surveys i.e.; the natural landscape serve as the basis for the formulation of optimal plans. The results render all the minute details like the elevation of slopes which may be useful figures particularly if you are intending to build on the land. In addition, to the provision of data for developments of undeveloped surveys; they also provide appropriate information for the area that is been previously used.