How to Correct Mistakes on a Land Title Document

I attended a real estate event (Property Ownership Workshop-POW) last Saturday and it was awesome. During one of the plenary sessions, someone asked a question which had to do with obtaining a Deed of Rectification and I quickly noticed most people there didn’t know anything about it.

Simply put, a Deed of Rectification is a deed used to correct mistakes on a title document. During preparation of title documents, sometimes mistakes are made such as wrong distances, area or coordinate on the survey plan, wrong description of the location of the land, wrong spelling of the names of the parties etc.

If you want to buy a property that already has a title e.g. C of O, Governors consent etc., it is important for you to obtain a copy from the seller and ask your lawyer to help you study it and ensure all the important details are correct. In the event that there is a mistake, you must notify the seller and ask him to apply for a Deed of Rectification at the land registry to correct the mistake(s) before it is transferred to you.

If you find a mistake in your own title document, you can apply for a Deed of Rectification as well. It costs N18,750 (Eighteen Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty Naira only) at the lands registry.

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