If you want to buy a land and the land owner (Omonile) is insisting on you using their own family surveyor to survey the land, please be wary. It is becoming a trend with Omoniles in Lagos State –especially those lands owned by families. This is different from housing estates which already have a registered survey layout and insist on using their in-house surveyor for uniformity sake.
It is wrong. Why do some omoniles insist that a land buyer use their own surveyor? Why can’t the buyer use his own surveyor to survey land he bought with his own money?
These omoniles don’t force clients to use their own engineer, architect, builder etc. but they make it mandatory to use their own land surveyor.
They insist on using their own surveyor because they are hiding something and they know part of a professional land surveyor’s work is land investigation.
They don’t want the client’s surveyor to do any investigation on the land. They know a professional surveyor will find out the status of the land and will inform the client. They know a professional surveyor will ask for the survey plan of the entire family land and he will be able to find out if the land they are selling to his client falls within their boundary or not. Many land owning families are guilty of this.
Please let YOUR OWN selected professionals do your work for you. Don’t let omoniles impose anyone on you.