In the process of building or acquiring a property, one of the most important decisions you can make is to use professionals. The primary reason is because professionals help you avoid unnecessary mistakes.
There are many things professionals in the built/real estate industry will do for you but let’s look at a few.
If you use a professional land surveyor, he will help you avoid buying land that is under government acquisition. He will help you avoid building your property within the required setback area for major roads. This is very important because if there’s a road expansion in the near future and your property is within the required setback, it will be demolished and you will not be compensated. He will ensure that the land that the seller told you is 6 plots is not actually 4 plots.
If you use a professional engineer, he will ensure that you build a good drainage system throughout your entire property that facilitates easy movement of water from your property to the road drainage system. He will ensure that the ground upon which you are building can withstand whatever structure you intend to build on it thereby avoiding building collapse. He will ensure that the level(height) of your foundation is much higher than that of the road thereby ensuring that your property is not flooded when it rains.
If you use a professional architect, he will ensure he designs your property in such a way that it uses the available space you have effectively.
If you use a professional town planner, he will ensure that whatever you intend to build complies with the local town planning rules.
If you use a professional lawyer, he will easily smell trouble where you suspect nothing. He will ensure he investigates the root of title and ownership of any property you intend to purchase. He will ensure that a proper deed is prepared that effectively transfers the property from the seller to you.

Professionals will save you time and money in the long run.

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