Over the years, I have observed something in the real estate industry. A lot of clients believe that their lawyer knows everything about property acquisition. This is not right. The fact that your friend is a lawyer does not mean that he is a real estate lawyer. Not all lawyers are skilled in real estate matters. Lawyers have specialties. Your friend can be an intellectual property lawyer, an energy sector lawyer, a maritime sector lawyer, etc. He may know very little about real estate business.

Nowadays clients put a lot of burden on lawyers. A client wants to know something about a survey plan, he calls his lawyer instead of a registered surveyor. Was it a lawyer that prepared the survey plan? He wants to know if a parcel of land is free from government acquisition, he calls his lawyer. Was it a lawyer that mapped out the boundary of the government acquired land? He wants to know how much a survey cost, he calls his lawyer! I believe it is impossible to carry out a legal real estate transaction without the input of a lawyer but the lawyer does not do everything. He has his roles to play and the registered surveyor has his roles as well.

Dear client, allow them do their work.

Your lawyer is NOT a surveyor!

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