From the point of acquiring land to constructing your building and obtaining title from the government, a property owner will interface with different professionals. These professionals play different important roles in the real estate industry. However, the order in which they come into a real estate project matters.

We recently did a survey for our client. When we finished processing the measurements we realized that the area on the deed was about 30 square meters different from what was stated on the deed. We know that what we measured was correct because we measured twice. A difference of 30 square meters is significant and cannot be overlooked so the deed has to be edited. But editing a deed after all the parties to the transaction have signed is something that should be avoided.

In a property transaction, it is good for the survey plan to be prepared before the deed because the deed will carry some details on the survey plan. If the survey plan is not ready then it is better to not include specific survey-related details of the property. For example, instead of stating the area of the land as 669.50 square meters, it is better to write 1 plot because your surveyor has not done his own survey to confirm the claims of the seller. It is not wise to fill in survey-related details of the land/property based on what the seller says or based on the seller’s survey plan. It is always better to have a survey done by your own surveyor before transferring the details to the deed.